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Transportation infrastructure is one area in which our community has been largely left behind. We have some of the longest commute times in the city and very limited public transit options. Investment in trains and bikeshare programs are limited to wealthier, whiter neighborhoods. We rely so heavily on private vehicles and unreliable bus service because of this underinvestment. 2022 presents a unique opportunity to change that. 


  • Ensure capital funding for design and construction projects are environmentally sustainable 

  • Invest in greener transportation to reduce harmful emissions. 

  • Expand and improve ADA compliant transportation options

  • Work with colleagues to reduce public transportation fares for low-income people. 

  • Improve pedestrian and cyclist safety

  • Fund infrastructure to protect communities from natural disasters

  • Fund programs and industries that support a green economy, creating sustainable jobs, and invest in  skills training and apprenticeship programs 

  • Fund programs that incentivize homeowners and business owners  to do environmental upgrades 

  • Use state capital funds to fund universal internet access, focusing on communities with limited access.

  • Support the Build Public Renewables Act

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