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“Hercules Reid is the son of two Jamaican parents who worked tirelessly to provide him with the resources he needed. His mom, an educator for 30 years, and his dad, a proud union member, and retired carpenter, were catalysts for Hercules’ commitment to public service.

Hercules Reid started his advocacy as a student, experiencing homelessness. His motivation to redefine the stigmas he faced, made way for him to become a fierce leader and advocate for his community. 


In his early years, he grew to believe education is the greatest equalizer. Raised by parents who both benefited immensely from public higher education, Hercules followed in their footsteps seeking stability by utilizing the resources provided by the City University of New York. He attended the New York City College of Technology where he studied architecture. It was there that he began to hone his leadership abilities. During this time, he lived with an unsure future but was undeterred to finish his education. The emotional support he sought while in school helped him succeed as a student and community leader. Elected twice by the student body to serve as president, Hercules began his higher education advocacy. Shortly after, he was also elected to the CUNY University Student Senate as a Vice-Chair of Legislative Affairs, to lobby and organize legislative efforts on behalf of over 500,000 CUNY students. Shared victories include a tuition freeze and the passing of the NYS Dream Act, which allows state financial assistance for undocumented students. He graduated from City Tech in 2017.


Hercules' advocacy earned him an appointment by the Speaker of the New York City Council as the Co-Chair of the CUNY Task force. Together, they created a white paper addressing accessibility, affordability, and raising graduation rates in the City University of New York. The report increased public support for improvements to the university.


Committed to the fight, Hercules returned to the CUNY University Student Senate as Legislative Director where he helped students progress and develop their legislative agenda. This role allowed him to mentor and inspire new student leaders, while working to reinforce public higher education. 


Hercules’ willingness to serve and consistent advocacy landed him in the Brooklyn Borough President’s office as a community liason. He was able to directly impact communities in Central Brooklyn through his work coordinating events like Know Your Rights forums, COVID-19 relief, and community clean-ups. 


During the height of 2020's civil unrest, Hercules marched on the frontlines, as an organizer for Strategy for Black Lives, demanding police accountability and policy change. He worked to educate and mobilize thousands of New Yorkers to end regressive practices such as qualified immunity.


Hercules Reid helps represent a new generation of leaders stepping up to tackle today’s issues and inspire tomorrow’s youth.”

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