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The home should be a source of warmth, comfort, and security — never stress and insecurity. Renters are struggling to pay their rent, homeowners are burdened by mortgages, and many of our neighbors have no stable housing at all. Some will try to pit us against one another, but I know we are on the same side. If a small homeowner-landlord needs rent payments to make the payments on their own home, they are not the enemy of tenants, struggling to make ends meet. Rather, small renters and small homeowners are members of the same class, both of whom must be protected from predatory lending, wage-thefting employers and more. We are neighbors; we are on the same team. 


  • Create targeted grants for rental assistance and property tax relief for our most vulnerable residents to support recovery from COVID-19

  • Increase investment and prioritize homeless prevention.

  • Protect existing housing stock to ensure homeowners are not pushed out of the community 

  •  Ensure renters have primary access to new low-income units in the community

  • Advocate for more low-income rentals and homeownership opportunities.

  • Advocate for legislation to create a tenants’ bill of rights to ensure renters are empowered against all forms of harassment. 

  • Increase awareness and protect residents against housing scams, such as: deed theft, mortgage fraud, and new forms of tenant harassment. 

  • Create and protect affordable senior housing.

  • Advocate for creative solutions to protect and preserve public housing.

  • Create legislation to support collective land trust throughout the state

  • Invest into rent to own programs to encourage home ownership 

  • Support housing options for people with disabilities

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