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Vision: Creating a comprehensive support system for students from K through 12 and beyond. (CUNY, Trade School, Career) Education is among the principal functions of democratic government. There are few more strategic, ethical, and effective ways to invest our public funds than directly into learning. Recognizing the centrality of education, we will direct resources to our education system to restore its status as a world leader — and give our people what we deserve. 


K-12 and High Education 

  • Make higher education free for all New Yorkers at CUNY, SUNY, trade schools, and apprenticeship programs

  • Partner with CUNY advocates and colleagues to fight for the passage of  the CUNY New Deal

  •  Close the Tuition Assistance Program gap 

  • Use federal funds such as Title 2A to support professional development for teachers, (virtual learning, recruiting, retention, reducing class sizes) 

  • Work with the schools and community to fund and expand quality and diverse enrichment and after-school programs. 

  • Advocate and invest in more professional development, trade skills programs, arts and sports programming, and infrastructure needs. 

  • Provide funding to increase counseling and  mental health services. 

  • Expand Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math (STEAM) and civic education in schools

  • Expand re-entry programs and give adults more access to continuing educational resources to help reduce recidivism. 

  • Diversify grant programs for schools to partner with local, community-based
    organizations to provide “out-of-school” learning experiences

  • Provide tutoring for children disproportionately impacted by COVID

  • Expand free and affordable child care 

  • Explore a Learning, Working and Earning (LWE) program by creating a pilot Destiny School that pays students to learn while providing experiential learning opportunities.

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