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I am proud to be the son of immigrants. Growing up in their home, and within my heavily immigrant neighborhood, has given me an intimate understanding of this community. The majority of New Yorkers were not born in New York; in a nation of immigrants, our city should be the gold standard for immigrant acceptance. I will continue that fight and support my federal partners in government as they work to finally pass a progressive, humane, and comprehensive immigration reform bill that provides a pathway to citizenship and full self-determination. 


  • Work with elected officials on all levels across the State to protect immigrant communities.

  • Support voting rights to Lawful Permanent Residents 

  • Contract immigrant and multilingual community members, as well as non-profits to translate State information. 

  • Allocate money for organizations that provide mental health resources for immigrants who are dealing with domestic violence and sexual assault. 

  • Help  support citizenship application and education programs 

  • Support funding for NYSED’s Adult Literacy Education program

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