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Physical and mental health are prerequisites to lives of joy and dignity. It is the responsibility of good government to ensure that its constituents have access to quality, affordable care. For too long, our representatives have all pointed fingers, insisting they would address the deficiencies in our healthcare system if only they could. Let’s be clear: It is the responsibility of the State. It is within the power of the state. And I’m running to be held accountable in delivering on that responsibility. 


  • Join the fight to pass the NYS Health Act to establish affordable healthcare.

  • Provide adequate funding for safety-net hospitals 

  • Work hand-in-hand with healthcare professionals and their unions to create greater worker safety protections and protocols, expand frontline worker compensation and improve our healthcare emergency preparedness 

  • Bring urgent care clinics into our neighborhoods 

  • Increase support to nurses, doctors, and all medical and hospital staff to fairly compensate for their essential and heroic labor. 

  • Provide free and/or affordable mental health services for families 

  • Expand access to screening for learning disabilities.

  • Support maternal health by providing funding for birthing centers, midwives, and doulas.

  • Create statewide safety net to ensure reproductive rights of every New Yorker, regardless of federal policy

  • Provide additional funding and resources to ensure quality care in nursing homes

  •  Expanding access to support programs for birthing families, including educational opportunities catered to fathers. 

  • Expand health insurance outreach and enrollment programs to ensure that people with disabilities have access to programs

  • Public Bank for first time home ownership

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