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Our economy took a major hit from the Covid-19 pandemic. In many ways, we have recovered strongly. However, many people are still out of work or on reduced incomes while inflation depletes the value of each dollar in our pockets. Small businesses, the lifeblood of our communities, have to be supported and protected. 


Workers must be empowered, through legal protections and unionization. I am of union blood, and I will be a union legislator. Through solidarity, we will all rise together. 


  • Address disparities and increase access to prime and subcontracting opportunities for MWBE’s, small & local businesses. 

  • Target funding for small businesses with reopening expenses.

  • Support CBOs (Community Based Organizations) that provide one-on-one support\ and education to help navigate grants, loans, and contracts.

  • Work to stabilize commercial rent to prevent massive small business closure. 

  • Change enforcement procedures to protect small businesses from aggressive inspections and fines. 

  • Foster private-public partnerships that focus on supporting small businesses 

  • Expand small business creation and incubation and create a resource list for the district

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